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About Deep TMS

In 2013 a new TMS therapy, Brainsway Deep TMS, was cleared by the FDA as treatment option for treatment resistant depression. Deep TMS treatment uses the H-Coil technology to stimulate deeper and more widespread areas of the brain, thus activating more brain regions associated with depression.

TMS in New YorkThe Treatment

During Deep TMS sessions, patients wear a helmet which generates magnetic pulses to stimulate the brain. After finding the motor threshold, patients undergo a 20 minute session of brain stimulation. This consists of 2 seconds of stimulation, when you will hear a tapping sound from the helmet. Some patients may experience mild discomfort at the stimulation spot on the scalp. This generally subsides over time as the patient gets used to the treatment.

During the treatment, the patient is awake and no anesthetic is needed. Seated in a comfortable chair, the patient can read or watch television. Brainsway’s Deep TMS therapy is the shortest TMS treatment, lasting only 20 minutes.


After the treatment, patients can return to their normal routine. There may be some localized irritation on the scalp, and the patients may feel a little dizzy. However, this passes quickly, and patients can drive home or to work and continue their day.



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